Losing something that means everything to you..

This video was not made by me .. but does show what im trying to say .
I was like that girl my horse down below was everything to me and she meant the world .. when i was sad she was the one i would turn too or hug .. she would always be there no matter what we were the same everything about us we connected when i first saw her i knew she was the one a black horse that was beautiful, kind , loving and caring id talk to her .. but i had to get rid of her as much as i loved her i couldn’t my dad couldn’t handle her i could the night before someone had taken her she got out of her pen and ran free everyone try’d to catch her but no one couldn’t but me she came right to me and followed me she didn’t wanna leave .. i promised her that id take her back when we were ready again ..i woke up bright & early to say goodbye my last chance but when i went to go see her she was already gone it broke me inside ..better yet i never saw her since then & i never will again i lost the most important thing that meant everything to me.Image

One thought on “Losing something that means everything to you..

  1. betatala99 says:

    As much as it hurts to have to let her go, you’ll always have the last memory of her choosing you to come to when she broke free. You were the one she chose, and you no she’ll remeber her, horses don’t forget the ones they love.

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